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"M/s C S P Jain & Co.,", a Chartered Accountant firm started 42 years ago, as Income Tax Consulting in the year 1970. Today we cover issues on Income Tax, Service Tax, E-TDS, TN-VAT. The need for putting Servunity eServe was felt in the year 2004, when the first e-governance project of TDS return filing for Corporate was laid down by the Income Tax Department, Government of India. Then in the next financial year 2005-2006 the Income Tax Return filing for Corporate also became Electronic to be filed online. As of today E-TDS return is to be compulsorily filed in electronic format by Corporate, Govt Bodies and Firms, Individual & HUF (Whose Accounts are audited u/s 44AB). E-Return filing of income tax return is mandatory for Corporate and Firms, Individuals & HUF's with tax audit and optional for others.

We provide our services not only to Corporates, Firms & Individuals, who are otherwise called as Assesses in Income Tax Language but also to Chartered Accountants, who also get benefited from our services. We offer end to end solutions on e-TDS, right from deductions of tax to printing of TDS certificates.

At Servunity eServe we provide the first kind of BPO to taxation industry. Outsourcing of data processing, upload file generation, Filing of E-TDS Return, E-Return of Income Tax and many more.

We are authorised TIN-FC (Tax Information Network-Facilitation Center – Franchisee NSDL), where one can apply for new or correction of PAN & TAN, filing of -E-TDS, AIR (Annual Information Return). We are also Authorised

E-Return Intermediary for filing of E-Return of Income Tax Return ITR 1 to 6, also Certified Filing Center (CFC) for ROC returns and Service Tax. We firmly believe in "Not to work for Money, but to make Money work for Us."

"Assuring best of Our Services at All Times" C S P Jain & Co - Servunity eServe.